Engine Remapping

Engine Remapping Engine Remapping

Increase Performance, Improve Economy

The majority of modern cars have engines managed by an Engine Control Unit (ECU)that controls the performance of the engine. Amongst other things the ECU controls fuelling, ignition timing and boost pressure, remapping how the ECU controls these aspects of the engines performance can change how the car drives and affect the overall performance

Remapping can help:

  • Increase Power / BHP
  • Improve Torque (eg. for Towing)
  • Remove 'flat spots' at certain rev ranges.
  • Reduce Turbo Lag.
  • Improve Fuel Economy.
  • Improve overall 'Drivability' of your car.

Typical Examples of ECU Improvements:

Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine

By remapping of a naturally aspirated petrol engine you can typically expect to see an power increase of approximately 10-15%.

Turbo Petrol Engine

Typically you will see a 20-30% increase in power, plus a 20-40% increase in overall torque.

Diesel Engine

Remapping will yield a typical increase of 20-40%. ECU Remapping can also help with torque distribution to aid in the towing of trailers, horse boxes etc.

Is ECU Remapping Safe?

Yes, we will never remap an engine to a point where it becomes unsafe. Your safety and the reliability of the engine are more important than a few extra BHPs.

Engine remapping is 100% reversible, we will back up the settings of your ECU before we remap the engine, then should you prefer your engine 'the old way' we can simply map it back to it's original state.

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